Warli : The New Decoration Trend

painting tribal life

Warli is simple yet beautiful form of painting. This simple form of art usually supports geometric shapes like triangle, circle or lines. Maharashtra’s native, warli paintings looks very simple but have deep thoughts behind. There are a few symbols used to make these paintings like the circle represents the sun and the moon, the triangle represents the mountains and pointed trees, the square is the only human touch to these paintings indicating a sacred enclosure or a piece of land. These paintings were earlier painted on walls but now they have made progress from plastered walls to canvas and other decorative pieces. Warli has widely gained recognition and is loved by all. Owing to the themes of day to day life like men and women dancing, musician playing etc., these paintings are used for decoration purpose everywhere.

As the modernisation is taking over, Warli is transforming and has progressed from canvas to other forms as well.
You can now find warli in so many decorative and useful things.
Fabrics like dupattas are painted with beautiful and colourful warli designs. Warli gives fabric a different look which is loved by all.
You can now find beautiful wall hangings in market with warli designs on it, which looks beautiful when hung on wall.
Beautiful warli lamps are very famous in market and are loved by all because of intrinsic warli patterns.

A Warli paintingjpg

Warli on wall and canvas is adored by everyone. However, it has modified a bit. Warli has grown from mud walls to fancy room’s walls, painted to enhance the look and add a hint of tradition to the interior. Warli paintings are widely used for decoration purpose be it home or office. Warli paintings sit proudly on walls decorating the room and catching everyone’s attention because of its beautiful designs and thoughts.